Cheerless Hands at Work!

Cheerless Hands at Work!

The deadline has been met, the follow-ups are being done, the file has been submitted but still you, the boss, senses that the work is sloppy. There’s lack of energy, improper/age-old updates, not enough insights to name a few; no cheer in the work done.

What do you do now?
A – Ignore
B – Reprimand
C – Wait for the next review
D – Are you looking for an option that says, ‘it depends’?
(I have rarely seen a well-constructed mentorship program, so skipping that here!)

These four options are primarily damaging behaviors at work.
Let’s consider an example – India is cricket crazy and more so about Sachin Tendulkar (if only he could continue) but there was a time in his career when he had sloppy hands at cricket. This was the time when he was the captain of the Indian cricket team. It took a few matches to realize this and to put him back to his original role of individual contributor.

We all realize deep down that not everybody can do everything, we can’t do everything, at least not flawlessly. Just that, if we still need to (and we still may fail), we must go through a well designed learning intervention. An intervention that converts cheerless hands to cheerful ones in this new financial year.

What’s a well designed learning intervention now?

More on this in up-coming posts; meanwhile, suggest reading – Beware the Busy Manager by Harvard Business Review.