Setting the Context

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When you ask a set of people that what made their favourite trainer/coach their favourite one, alongwith “humility”, people will say that the person:

  • explained in most simplified manner
  • gave a direction

You see, it’s the ‘why’ not only a ‘how’ that’s required when you are addressing a topic. And this is what ‘andragogy – science of teaching adults’ also states.

In his extensive research in ‘adult education’, Malcolm Knowles emphasized that the adults need to know the reason for learning something. Moreover, they are most interested in learning subjects that have immediate relevance to their work/personal life.


It’s not only important to know what you want to achieve from the presentation but also communicating the reason for it.

Consider these three objective-setting statements:

1 “today, I will talk about a, b and c”

2 “today, I will talk about a, b and c and this will assit in achieving x”

3 “today, with reference to the topic, what do you expect?” Write the answers on board and say, “alright, let’s talk about these along with a and b as these will assit in achieving x.”

Now choose your favourite one!