Cinema is a mirror to its society…

Many a times the managers fancy that once through a training workshop, their employee is a transformed individual – bad to great! (Almost a valid expectation.)

Consider this too – they are sent ‘to pass time, may be they’ll learn something there.’

Children are a mirror to their parents…

Once in conversation with one of the (nicer) managers – the person mentioned that it’ll be great if we can make their employees dance their way to work. I checked, “do you?”…beamy grin.

Employees are a mirror to their managers?

The Daily Telegraph’s news reporting is considered the sharpest and most stylish in the business, setting the agenda with regular exclusives. Together with its honest, accurate and intelligent coverage, The Daily Telegraph also provides readers with an in-depth analysis of the week’s big stories from some of the industry’s biggest names and a quick look at the week to come.

The Daily Telegraph’s readers have more savings and investments than readers of any other quality.

Sources: 1. Premier TGI 2007 (Note: Index v AB Adults); 2. NRS April 06-Mar 07; 3. TMG; 4. HBX Analytics Mar 07



How would you conclude the above?

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