Generating Their Interest

“I will make sure that this is an interactive session”, the trainer said. He asked questions, tried to make people talk. But why was I still weary? I wanted to sink my head in a basin, just couldn’t stop yawning.

Everybody seemed thoughtful but when the trainer poked, no answers and even  the pin didn’t drop! I thought, ‘weird people, show interest but don’t talk’.

Now, I was proved wrong at lunch. They were normal, talkative humans. So, upon probing (my forte), here’s what they told me:

  • I wish he looked happier; should’ve smiled at least once.
  • He seemed dragging himself; too casual in body-language.
  • Aye, he didn’t look at me even once.
  • He was either talking to himself or to the white-board. Just couldn’t hear him.
  • His (only two!) examples were too centered on ‘his life and his work’. There was no food for thought!
  • He pranced amongst his questions; should’ve waited a few seconds for the answer. In fact, he even answered his own questions.

The above proves this for sure that when in authority, you got to be careful!

You can also consider these tips when speaking publicly:

  1. About body-language, just imagine that this is the best day of your life and you have angels sitting in front of you. How would you behave yourself then?
  2. Feel good about yourself. Wear something that adds to your charm and that you are comfortable in. Spend extra may be. The difference will definitely be noticed by you and others.
  3. Read, read and discuss the read. Practice the read. Don’t discount on building knowledge.
  4. Since you have your (imagined or factual) perfect audience there, give them a few more seconds to give their best-answer.
  5. To insinuate a point, devise various ways – from physical to mental activities. Be ready to repeat yourself too.
  6. This one’s my favorite – keep a check on their responses. Don’t let any confusion or smirk go. Stay on your feet and reiterate with a different strategy.

Have a confused smirk or something nice to say? Do leave a comment.

Abbie Hoffman said – Never impose your language on people you wish to reach.

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